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Soldier’s Joy is one of those tunes you don’t need to learn to be able to play. I’m sure 4 out of 5 strangers off the street would recognize this melody. So I chose it as tune 12 because a few of the tunes (Rebecca, in particular) are pretty demanding and I needed something that I could quickly assimilate. And since it’s a also a ‘bread and butter’ kind of tune, there was an element of reverend respect in taking the time to pay it careful attention.

I have a Tony Rice recording of it (from the Bluegrass Guitar Collection album), as well as a nice Nitty Gritty Dirt Band take of it. Wanting to see what else was out there, I looked it up in youtube and found one great old video from the early 1930s featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt surrounded by Bun Wright’s fiddle band! And another video still, in a more contemporary style, of Mark O’Connor keeping it fairly straight but throwing in some nice double stops and ornamentation.

Happily, Sally Goodin is slowly – s l o w l y – improving. I remembered I have a transcription and recording of a young Mark O’Connor’s winning interpretation of it at a fiddle contest. Having both the visual and audio speeds the assimilation process up quite a bit. Check the Sally Goodin entry (tomorrow)  for an update about cool videos…

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