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Mile 35

My arms feel like they’ve been implanted with steel rods. A sad combination of office computer work and a few decent bails on the ski hill sent a discreet case of sore forearms into an undeniable case of tendonitis. I have decided to take a week or two off fiddle to let it heal up. That means the hundred tunes in one hundred days is on temporary leave – but it’ll be back soon! I have no intention of stopping short of the finish line, this project is just too much fun and the benefits too encouraging.  So in the absence of new posts about new tunes, I’m going to take the time in the next few weeks to go over some of the lessons I’ve learned (or, more precisely, am learning – they all seem to be so dynamic in nature that I’ve yet to encounter a moment  of “Aha! I’ve arrived.”).

The first retrospective reflexion will be on tuning your instrument: what to learn from Plato and Pythagoras

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