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And we’re back on the wagon.  After a good three weeks off, which saw very little fiddling happen, the tune Forked Dear gets me back to some good ol’, ol’ time sawing. This tune was a recommendation from James W. I really like the Bruce Molsky version of this one, so I’m working from that.

Practicing the last 9 tunes (27 to 35) is…hmmm…a bit of a cold shower. It seems like I have to learn them all over again, especially as a few of these were learned fairly off the cuff (like “Raleigh and Spencer”, which was learned while being performed). So, in addition to a lot of practicing ahead, there’s also a lot of listening to do. That, actually, is what I feel I am most disconnected from – the simple and quiet act of listening to music. Listening is also, I feel, one of the best things you can do to improve. But than entails careful, attentive, focused listening; not background music. Which reminds me, I better get to planning the tunes a few days in advance if I want to be able to absorb them through listening first…

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Oh dear. I’m afraid a series of unfortunate events has delayed the return of the tune of day experiment. Maybe this week I’ll start it up again? It’s a sad day, a day with no music : (

Though learning a new tune a day brings on some slight insanity, it also  goes a long way in maintaining a certain sense of groundedness.  Maybe it was not playing for two weeks that brought along the crazy?

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