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“Ah ma jolie blonde! Tu m’as laissé, tu t’es en allé avec un vaurien!” A beautiful cajun waltz about lost love. This version here, by Dewey Balfa and Nathan Abshire, is the real deal, and is from a great documentary called Les Blues de Balfa in English) that you can watch through folkstreams.net (links under Blogroll).  I used this slowed-down version, which was very helpful. I found I was having trouble with the timing of the ornaments, but a few more listens and practices should solve that.

A friend once said of Cajun music that it’s “that music you never think of learning, but once you start you can’t stop and you don’t understant why the whole worlsd isn’t two-stepping along.” I for one don’t know any other music that is quite as soulful and also gets me up and dancing.

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