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I skipped yesterday. I just plain forgot. The moral of the story: don’t fall off the wagon, because it’s harder to get back on the second time. What I mean to say is when I first started this tune a day committment, it started at such a time that it was easy to stay focused and then when I stop due to arm injuries, other time constraints made it harder to get back into it with the same zealousness. I suspect it would have been a tad easier to keep up if there had been no break. In any  case, to make up for yesterday’s absent-mindedness, I learned two tunes today, Lonesome Fiddle Blues being the first.

I don’t know anything about this tune, but I suspect it’s a Vassar Clements original. Incidentally, if any one has a recording of his live blues fiddle performance that sounds like it’s recorded on a tape deck, I would be quite grateful for a copy!

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